Sony - committed to innovation

09/03/2017 | Fonte:

Marie Jacobson, Executive Vice President of Production and Programming at Sony Pictures Television opened the first day of activities at RioContentMarket 2017 analyzing various subjects, mainly regarding original production and streaming platforms.

“Now-a-days we frequently hear: ‘There is less money in the market and we need to produce more than before’. But at Sony we believe that this is the fun part: to find and develop new models within this new context”. For example, Jacobsen mentioned a pitching by screenwriters that took place at UCLA in the United States in order to find new perspectives for productions. This is how Oden Ruskin appeared, the director of the new series ‘Absentia’ that will debut on Sony’s streaming platform Crackle, in six months.

“ ‘Absentia’ is a new model that we had never seen before, we are six months away from the debut and the series is already being marketed by means of homemade trailers, creative posts by users and great exposure on social networks. We don’t have the normal studio budget for this product but we are doing it because we really believe in new talent with new perspectives”, said the executive.

In Brazil, one of the high-impact productions by Sony is ‘Shark Tank’, produced by Floresta Produções and emerging from the format of the Japanese reality show ‘Dragon’s Den’. Another success case mentioned by the executive is ‘Skeleton Crew’, a series co-produced in the United States and adapted in Poland. “Poland has no such thing as a screenwriters’ room. But we sat down with a group of Polish writers to come up with nine episodes for the American public”. The explanation is that the company truly needs partners to boost creativity, distribute risks better and increase the chances of finding the next big thing.

Crackle, belonging to Sony, was one of Latina America’s first streaming platforms, initially thought to be a TV catch-up service. But after a few years of slow activity, the site is turning into the studio’s best bet for the region. “We are only starting, but this shows Sony’s commitment towards innovation as we are thinking of Crackle as a customized platform for Brazil and Latin America that works as a solution for our paid TV partners”. In this sense, the executive affirmed that Brazil is among the five most important markets of the over-the-top (OTT) sector in the world with a growth of 25% in this niche, in 2015 alone.